no one fights alone

About Morgans Army Charitable Trust

Discover the story behind Morgan’s Army. Born from personal tragedy and driven by love, our mission is to ensure that no child or family faces the battle against cancer alone. Dive into our journey, and understand the passion and purpose that fuels our foundation.

A Mother's Love Transformed into Action

Nat's Journey: Leading with Heart

In the photo, you’ll see me, Natalie Ridler. Along with my husband, Matt, we founded Morgan’s Army in 2023. Our personal journey with our son’s cancer treatment opened our eyes to the unmet needs of families grappling with childhood cancer in South Wales. While numerous incredible charities tirelessly work to make a difference, no single entity can cover everything. Hence, in February 2023, Morgan’s Army emerged to bridge some of these gaps. Our vision is to collaborate with established charities and organizations, ensuring families receive comprehensive support during the toughest of times.

Meet Our Ambassador: Kath Stevenson

Championing Dreams Beyond Challenges

Kathryn “Kath” Stevenson is not just an ambassador; she’s a beacon of hope. Tirelessly working within her community, she epitomises the spirit of resilience, showcasing that hardships can be overcome with dedication and heart. Kath’s unique perspective underscores the varied needs of families across diverse geographies, emphasising that rural or remote living requires different support structures than urban areas. As a triumphant member of the 2023 Wales Deaf 7s rugby team, she stands testament to the fact that challenges like hearing loss, often a side effect of chemotherapy in children, shouldn’t be seen as barriers. With the right encouragement and environment, every child can chase their dreams and turn them into reality. Through her achievements and advocacy, Kath serves as a constant reminder that potential knows no bounds.

Our Guiding Principles

The Pillars of Morgan's Charity

At Morgan’s Army, we’re anchored by a set of guiding principles, a testament to the love and commitment we hold for families battling childhood cancers. From raising awareness to building a united community, each goal reflects our mission to stand side by side with those in the throes of one of life’s toughest challenges. With each pillar, we’re striving to make a tangible difference, ensuring no one has to walk this journey alone.


Shed light on childhood cancers.

Strengthen Support

Bolster family assistance during treatments.

Build Community

Foster a supportive network for families.

Empower Families

Equip parents with helpful resources.

Nat's continued dedication to Morgan's charity

From Personal Struggle to Powerful Advocacy

Natalie Ridler’s journey with Morgan’s Army goes beyond a title or role; it’s a heartfelt mission she embarked upon voluntarily, driven by personal experience and an unwavering desire to make a difference. Never envisioning herself at the helm of a charity, life took an unexpected turn when cancer touched her family. Natalie’s transformative journey as a parent to a child with cancer ignited a passion in her, compelling her to act, to help, and to be a beacon for others navigating similar paths. This very personal adversity, paired with her unique professional skills, laid the foundation for Morgan’s Army.

Outside of the charity, Natalie is a distinguished specialist physiotherapist. With a rich background spanning from teaching undergraduates to working with semi-professional and professional sports teams, she’s always been at the forefront of care and mentorship. Her personal life, beautifully adorned with love from her large family, saw its own chapters of joy and sorrow. Meeting Matthew in 2014 and marrying him in 2018, they welcomed Morgan in 2019 and Rhiannon shortly after in 2021. The devastating cancer diagnosis in October 2021 changed everything, a story you can explore more in-depth here.

If you’ve found your way to our site seeking understanding, solace, or a way to help, navigate through our pages to discover more. And if there’s ever a need to reach out, for questions or simply to connect, Natalie warmly invites you to email or engage via our social channels. Thank you for standing with us. Remember, with Morgan’s Army by your side, NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE.