bereavement boxes

A Touch of Comfort in Times of Loss


Extending Our Support During Your Most Difficult Moments

The loss of a child is an unfathomable pain, a journey that no parent should have to embark upon. At Morgan’s Army, our hearts go out to families navigating this profound sorrow. We may not be able to take away the pain, but we strive to provide a small gesture of solace through our personaliSed bereavement boxes.

Each box is crafted with utmost care, serving as a tangible expression of our empathy and understanding. Though we cannot know the depths of every family’s grief, our intention is to offer a few moments of relief and reflection. A gentle reminder that even in the darkest moments, you are not alone.

For families whose children received care on Rainbow Ward, Rocket Ward, or TCT at Noah’s Ark Hospital, Cardiff, these boxes are readily accessible. If you were directly referred by Latch, the process is streamlined. However, if not, a link below will guide you to apply for a bereavement box.

While no gesture can fill the void left behind, our bereavement boxes aim to provide a touch of warmth and comfort, reminding you that there’s a community that cares, remembers, and stands with you during your most trying times. At Morgan’s Army, our commitment to support extends beyond treatments – it reaches the very heart of our shared human experience.

Bereavement Box

In the wake of unimaginable loss, our personalized bereavement boxes aim to offer a touch of solace. Curated with care, these boxes are a small gesture of our immense empathy and understanding for grieving families. Seek comfort in our shared journey.