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Finding Strength in Shared Experiences

In the challenging landscape of childhood cancer, the journey can often feel isolating. Yet, there’s an indescribable strength that comes from connecting with those who truly understand — parents and families who’ve walked similar paths. At Morgan’s Army, our Peer Support Events offer a sanctuary for such connections. These gatherings aren’t just about discussions; they’re about understanding, empathy, and finding hope in shared stories. As you browse through our live events feed below, we invite you to join us. Whether you’re seeking advice, solace, or simply a listening ear, know that in this community, you’re surrounded by people who get it. Embrace the power of peer support and find comfort in the shared journey.

Our primary goal is to make the journey a tad more bearable, providing some respite from the many pressures that arise. If you feel that a grant or piece of equipment could alleviate some of the challenges you’re facing, we urge you to submit a support application form. Our team meticulously reviews every request, aiming to offer support where we can.

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