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Behind every initiative at Morgan’s Army lies the unwavering spirit and dedication of countless fundraisers who channel their passion into making a real difference. As a fundraiser, you are the heartbeat of our mission, taking our vision to new horizons, one event at a time. Your commitment to raising awareness, funds, and hope is invaluable, and we are profoundly grateful for every ounce of effort you pour into your campaigns.

Understanding the challenges and nuances of fundraising, we are committed to standing beside you throughout your journey. To streamline your efforts and maximise your impact, we’ve compiled essential resources designed explicitly for our fundraising community. From logos and tagline visuals that encapsulate the essence of Morgan’s Army, to printable sponsorship forms and a dedicated fundraiser awareness form, we’ve got you covered. By filling in our awareness form, we can stay updated on your event, ensuring we offer the right support when you need it.

Fundraising Resources

Morgans Army Sponsorship Form

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Morgans Army Logo

Navy Background

Morgans Army Logo

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Tagline Standard

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Tagline Rainbow

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The journey of fundraising, while rewarding, can be complex. But with the right resources and a shared vision, together we can amplify the message and impact of Morgan’s Army. Whether you’re hosting a local event, running a marathon, or crafting an online campaign, remember – your efforts resonate far and wide, creating ripples of change in the lives of countless families.

Thank you for choosing to champion our cause, for amplifying our mission, and for believing in a world where no one fights alone. Let’s create magic together.

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