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Honouring Siblings: Recognising Their Strength and Sacrifice

The journey of childhood cancer is an arduous one, not just for the child undergoing treatment, but also for their siblings. These remarkable young souls often step back, making sacrifices and offering unwavering support, even as they grapple with their own emotions, fears, and challenges. At Morgan’s Army, we deeply recognise the immense strength and resilience of these siblings, understanding that their journey is uniquely challenging.

Our Honouring Siblings initiative is dedicated to celebrating these unsung heroes. We offer special sibling trips, allowing them a brief respite from the challenging world of cancer, and letting them cherish moments of joy and bonding with their parent or guardian.

A significant part of our initiative is our exclusive gift card program tailored just for siblings. These gift cards are a symbol of appreciation and acknowledgement of their pivotal role in the family’s journey. They can be purchased and gifted to provide siblings with an opportunity to indulge in something special, just for them. Whether used for a favorite book, a toy, or a day out, it’s a heartfelt gesture to make them feel cherished.

If you wish to honor a sibling who has shown incredible strength throughout this journey, or if you’d like to gift a special card to one, we encourage you to get in touch. Let’s come together to ensure that every sibling knows their sacrifices are seen, their strength is celebrated, and their love is deeply valued. Because in the world of childhood cancer, it’s not just about the warriors in the forefront, but also about the heroes standing steadfastly beside them.

Honour Siblings

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