no one fights alone

How We Help

At Morgan’s Army, our mission is to walk alongside families battling childhood cancer, providing customised assistance that aligns with their unique needs and challenges. Whether it’s through grants, peer events, honouring siblings, or funding impactful projects, our focus remains rooted in empathy, understanding, and a commitment to making the journey a bit more manageable for every family.

how we help

Our 6 Pillar's of Compassionate Support

Childhood cancer presents multifaceted challenges, each demanding a different form of support. At Morgan’s Army, we’ve crafted six fundamental pillars to cater to every phase, emotion, and need families might encounter. From tangible assistance to emotional gestures, these pillars manifest our deep-rooted dedication to standing beside every family. Dive in to discover the full spectrum of our offerings.

Grants and Equipment

Tailoring support to individual needs, we offer assistance in purchasing essential equipment or easing financial burdens. Every request is unique; every solution is personalised.

Peer Support Events

Monthly gatherings offer parents a community of understanding, sharing experiences and feelings with others on similar journeys. Peer support brings perspective and comfort.

Honouring Siblings

Recognising the resilience of siblings, we curate special trips and offer gift cards, ensuring they feel valued and cherished amidst the challenges. Celebrate your siblings with us.

Project Funding

We back pivotal projects by esteemed South Wales children's cancer charities, directly contributing to initiatives that make a tangible difference in young lives. Supporting where it counts.

Morgans Rocks

A creative and communal initiative, we encourage the decoration of stones with heartfelt designs and the message "Morgan's Army". It's more than just a craft; it's a movement to spread awareness, connection, and Morgan's enduring legacy. Be part of this global journey.

Bereavement Box

In the wake of unimaginable loss, our personalized bereavement boxes aim to offer a touch of solace. Curated with care, these boxes are a small gesture of our immense empathy and understanding for grieving families. Seek comfort in our shared journey.

no one fights alone

Beyond The Pillar's; We're Here For You

While our six pillars address many facets of the childhood cancer journey, we understand that each family’s path is unique, with distinct needs and challenges. If you ever feel that your needs don’t quite fit within our established programs or you’re simply seeking a listening ear, please don’t hesitate to reach out. At Morgan’s Army, our core belief is that no one should face this battle in isolation. Remember, with us by your side, no one fights alone. Contact us to share your story, your concerns, or your hopes. We’re here, always.