parents, you are not alone

A Hand to Hold, A Heart That Understands


This is a Safe Space...

In the depths of pain, surrounded by confusion, feeling an isolation you never imagined, the path ahead may seem unendingly daunting. If you’re reading this, perhaps your world has turned upside down. A child’s cancer diagnosis isn’t just a fight for them; it’s a storm for the entire family. We genuinely understand and extend our hearts to you.

The Watts Family

” You have helped us immeasurably, from your very first act of kindness in gifting a sibling a PlayStation voucher as he is a teenager and even when generally the siblings are forgotten, even more so as a teenager. He was so grateful to be thought of and the gift went a long long way. To have also helped us with a new washing machine when ours broke unexpectedly, the financial recovery both during and after treatment is a slow process and not one that allows for extra expenditure. You have supported us, kept us going, acknowledged the importance of the siblings who deserve to be cared for alongside their sick brother or sister, and you have taken the worry and financial pressure away from us as a family who will forever try and navigate through this journey.
You have cried with us, you have supported and rejoiced with us and you have carried us along whilst also experiencing your own journey. You are considered family and we are very lucky to have you personally and as a charity in our lives.”
let us guide you through this

1. We Walk Beside You

There’s no manual for this journey you’ve been thrust upon, and no words can adequately capture the magnitude of emotions you’re experiencing. But here at Morgan’s Army, we’ve been in the trenches, and we’re committed to walking beside you. The love, hopes, and fears you hold for your child resonate deeply with us. And while we cannot take away the pain, we can be a steadfast presence, offering our support.

2. You are Guided by Experience

Our very foundation lies in personal experience, sculpted by the arduous journey of childhood cancer. We’ve faced the nights of uncertainty, the days of hope, and the moments of despair. This lived experience drives our mission: to be a beacon for families like yours, ensuring that throughout this challenging journey, you never feel isolated.

3. We Offer our Pillars of Support

At the heart of Morgan’s Army are our six pillars of support. Designed with care, each pillar caters to the varied needs that arise when facing a child’s cancer diagnosis. From offering financial assistance and equipment to organising sibling-focused events and providing bereavement boxes, we are dedicated to being a tangible source of help.

Please explore these pillars to understand how we can assist and stand by you during these times. Each pillar has been crafted with your unique journey in mind, ensuring that we can offer targeted support based on your family’s needs.

Our 6 Pillars of Support

We know words can’t mend a broken heart or provide answers to every question, but please know this: At Morgan’s Army, we see you, we hear you, and we stand firmly with you. Let’s navigate this path together, reinforcing the belief that, indeed, no one fights alone.