morgans rocks

Spreading Hope One Stone at a Time

Morgan’s Army is more than just about direct support; it’s about building a community that understands, empathises, and actively participates in spreading awareness about childhood cancer. Our Morgans Rocks project embodies this very spirit.

no one fights alone

Creativity, Connection, and Awareness in Every Stone

Every painted stone in the Morgans Rocks project carries a powerful message – one of hope, unity, and resilience. Through this simple yet impactful initiative, we encourage individuals and families to decorate stones with meaningful designs, adding the poignant message “Morgan’s Army” to each. These rocks, each unique and heartfelt, are then hidden and discovered, creating a global tapestry of solidarity and awareness.

As these stones travel far and wide, they carry with them Morgan’s legacy, ensuring that his story and the broader narrative of childhood cancer reach every corner of the world. It’s a beautiful blend of art, activism, and advocacy.

Our gallery showcases the many touching and creative renditions of Morgans Rocks, celebrating the global community that has rallied around this cause. As you explore, be inspired, and perhaps, create a Morgans Rock of your own.