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Directly Impacting Lives

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Amplifying Impact through Strategic Support

At the heart of Morgan’s Army’s mission is a profound commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of children with cancer in South Wales. Our Project Funding pillar serves as a conduit to amplify the efforts of dedicated charities that share our vision and dedication.

Recognising the immense challenges and complexities of childhood cancer, we understand that a single entity can’t address every need. This is why we strategically allocate funds to significant campaigns and projects run by renowned charities like¬†Ty Hafan, LATCH Welsh Children’s Cancer Charity, Noah’s Ark Hospital Charity, Kids Cancer Charity, and Ronald McDonald House Cardiff.

Every penny contributed towards these projects has profound ripple effects, ensuring that resources are effectively utilised to provide the best care, support, and research. Whether it’s contributing to cutting-edge research, building better facilities, or offering emotional support to families, our project funding ensures that the collective effort brings about real, positive change.

By supporting Morgan’s Army, you’re not just contributing to a single charity but amplifying the impact across multiple initiatives and projects. Together, we are building a brighter, more hopeful future for children with cancer and their families. Join us in this endeavour and be a part of a larger mission where every contribution counts and every effort brings us a step closer to a world where no child has to face cancer alone.

Project Funding

If there is any other major South Wales based Children's Charitable Organisations we do not already support, please submit details below.